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What no back pain expert will ever tell you


Your back will never be perfect.
Your back will never be the way it was.
It can be better than it ever has been before. A huge problem with the way that many back experts work, is that they use fixed ideas of symmetry and anatomy. In other words they are trying to correct you. This is a huge mistake and was one of the major reasons I spent so long being injured. It’s still happening today, just like it was happening in the early 1900s in FM Alexander’s time.

No one is symmetrical 

Everyone has one arm or leg longer than the other. One shoulder or hip higher than the other. Everybody has a twist in their neck, spine and head to some degree. I have worked with so many different individuals, yoga teachers, Pilates teachers, Buddhist Monks, Shaolin Monks, Circus Performers. Some have good balance, but none of them are “straight” or symmetrical. This idea only exists in textbooks. Nowhere else, and the more you are pigeon holed into it the worse your pain is going to get. All those exercises you do to straighten and hold yourself in place actually works against your body. Your body is set up in a good way, it will actually heal itself. That probably sounds odd and I didn’t believe it when I started lessons but I was open minded enough to give it a go.

There are people already doing it

If you look at the people who have to carry water on their heads for miles on end across the desert they haven't done and special exercises or systems. None of them worry about their core. They just haven’t interfered with their bodies the way that we have learned to. They don’t get back ache and they go out and do the same thing again the next day!

Artificial influence, Artificial results

Now you have probably seen things like MBT shoes that are modelled on how Masai warriors walk. They are supposed to make you walk the same way. But the thing is Masai warriors walk around in bare feet. So if you wanted to walk in a similar fashion wouldn’t you do what they do? Now always possible, I know but putting on a shoe to force behaviour from the body is a recipe for disaster. You and your body have to learn how to change first and then choose to keep doing it. Otherwise you will just end up with a different kind of badly. That’s the same reason you don’t want to be cracked into place. You just end up with two sets of bad habits fighting your body instead of one simple way.

About the Author Edward Fisher

Hi, I'm Edward Fisher and I believe that everyone can have a life free from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and many other musculoskeletal pain related conditions. I recovered from slipped discs and sciatica. I spent 10 months being unable to walk. After 3 months of Alexander Technique I was walking again. Now I show others how to overcome their own pain related conditions for themselves.

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