Alexander Technique Letchworth - Back Pain & Posture

Gabi, split disc and sciatica

I run an engineering company at the moment so I’m sitting a lot and about 3 years ago I had an accident which involved falling off a bicycle and I hurt my back which left me with a split disc and ongoing problems sciatica going down both my legs so that is why I’m here today. I’ve know about the technique and done a little bit in the past, but it was only a little bit and it was a long time ago I knew it was going to be effective, but I just wanted to see how you use it and whether I could benefit further by getting by back, back onto track basically. 

It’s very interesting actually because I like to get the feel of a person you're very easy going, very easy to listen to your voice and just get the feel of how you use both - how you speak to somebody as well as moving the body. It was very easy, yeah. I feel uncrumpled. It’s like somebody, you know when you throw a piece of scrunched up paper in the bin and if you’ve been like that for a while it feels freer to breathe. Also it's almost like your body remembers how it should be. I do feel freer so that’s the most noticeable thing about my back.

Beverly, Neck Pain and Prolapsed Disc

I have had a lot of neck pain and I’ve had a partially prolapsed disc, I think, in the past. People say it’s a whole experience, it’s a lifestyle the Alexander Technique, but I normally go to an osteopath and I was interested in how different it was going to be and how something not so invasive was going to make a difference. It’s been lovely, it’s been relaxing, it’s been different because you’re not being cracked into place. You can actually feel the difference. (The results are) Less pain and I’m more aware of where the pain comes from and calmer, I’m calmer! 

Katie, Low Back Pain and Neck Tension

I’ve had some lower back pain which has been causing me some problems and when I saw that there was a taster session on offer I thought I would be intrigued really to see what alexander technique was all about so that’s why I came. Yes I did have reservations, I didn’t know what alexander technique really was or what I would need to do and what kind of commitment that I would need to make, lots of unanswered questions I suppose really just came with a bit of an open mind. 

Yeah, really interesting to have a lesson, well to start with very relaxing very interesting different way of thinking about your body really letting go and not trying to work against what you’re doing things that I'm not really familiar with so a little bit strange to start off with. But, as you get more used to it you start to relax into it and start to feel more at ease so it’s been quite liberating really I suppose. The results I got were straight away sort of feeling less tension in my shoulders particularly and my neck which is where I know I carry a lot of tension so definitely feel a difference there already that would be the main thing but also a general feeling of calm which is quite a nice feeling. 

Eileen, Lower Back Pain

I’ve been experiencing some back pain, lower back pain which has been quite severe at times and interfered with me walking, sitting, lying in bed and I came today really to see what could happen. Yes I did (have reservations about coming) and I did some due diligence on you, but I’m into energy movement, mind, body, spirit. Kind of relaxing into body. So yeah I had some reservations, but I thought no, I felt drawn to come.

I’d like to say Enlightening sort of connection with how I’m feeling inside, with how my body’s reacting sort of clicked in for me and very, very surprised pleasantly, at how easy and how effective today has been, very surprised. Oh really I think about letting go and trusting and trusting in my body as well being guided by yourself of course knowing what you’re doing so yeah I feel something’s clicked body feels freer lighter and there’s no pain... yeah it’s kind of gone! 

Jennie - Neck, Shoulder and Lower Back Pain

I came to Edward because I’ve got pains in my lower back and struggle with pains in my shoulder and neck and through his help in my last session they seem to of calmed down so continuing with the sessions I’m hoping that it’s going to get better and better and that my movement will get better as well. 

I did (have reservations) a little bit because obviously didn’t know what it was going to be like and not being part of a physio team or based in a hospital you don’t really know sort of you know how what to expect really do you? But I think the good thing about it is that you Edward make people feel very relaxed I don’t know what you did with my neck but it was really nice and just felt really nice for the rest of the day and continued for the next few days as well so that was good. 

(Having a lesson is) Good, very relaxing

Again coming to somebody’s home as well can be a bit daunting really, but you make people feel very relaxed. There’s nothing hard about what you do ask us to at all so that’s good as well. You explain everything and nothing hurts you know so I would say to anybody really just to give it a go because if you don’t know then you don’t know if it’s going to work or not do you? 

Rather than walking around in pain you might as well give things a go and see if it works for you. (Results wise) I think really it’s been my lower back although I’ve said about my neck my lower back just walking around I’ve just not felt that in the last week twinge at all so that’s just been really good. So hopefully as the sessions go on obviously all the other bits will slot into place as well. Not saying I’m going to run marathons but we’ll get there!

Linda, Back Pain and Balance Problems

I have severe back pain it has been made worse by the fact that I’ve got no balance. I’ve also got a new hip. The hip is good, but it’s not helping my back problems. So I’ve come here to learn how to relax a bit and to use my muscles properly. It’s very good I don’t think my whole body muscles have ever felt so relaxed in just one session! Excellent! A bit of an understanding of about how my posture is and also that I can improve it.

Claire, Neck and Shoulder Pain

For many years I’ve suffered with problems with my neck and my shoulders largely because of working in computer. Also some lower back pain obviously sitting around all the time in front of the computer hasn’t helped that and I came here today to look for something different from physio and chiropractor to see if I could ease the problem by helping the neck and the pain.

No reservations at all I saw the advert you phoned me you spoke to me and we did discuss a little bit of what was going on so no. And we discussed a little bit about where I’ve been before ,most of the treatment I had before, so there was some pre knowledge about what I’ve done what I’ve been doing and what’s wrong with me and I didn’t feel any qualms about coming. 

Lessons are Interesting and the hardest thing is actually necessarily letting go,

But I found it very useful in following your instructions and you have quite a soothing voice which enables you to do that. And also allowing yourself to let go to get into the scenario of the Alexander Technique and certainly the benefits I felt afterwards have been not just interesting, but quite forceful. In that I can feel a difference, a significant difference between the way I felt when I walked in and walking out. 

Actually sort of relaxing certainly I came in, I know that I’m usually quite taught very stressed across the shoulders. Most people who know me or whether it’s just going in to just have a gentle massage, they all comment on how tight my muscles are. But they actually feel quite relaxed now which I find is very beneficial and I feel a little bit looser but not out of control which is good. 

Nicky, lower back and neck pain

I've come today because I’ve had low back pain neck pain and tension for a long time now. I wasn’t sure about what it was going to be like, how my body would react to it. (The Alexander Technique lesson made) A huge difference I have to say I feel about 3 inches taller! Very good Very calming put my mind at ease straight away regarding what you’ve done it's all been very comfortable. I feel more open a bit light headed at the moment. I can really feel my neck it feels taller and my legs feel straight rather than twisted. 

Karina - Back Problems & Muscle Problems recovery with alexander technique

"I’ve had various back problems over the last 20-25 years mainly muscular and I’ve been to osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, you name it and while they have treated the symptoms, they’ve just kept coming back and the pain moves.

It’s been a completely different experience to doing physio, chiropractors and all of that sort of thing and very much having to me take control. I end up coming out (of Alexander Technique Lessons) feeling about 10 foot taller! So it’s a very calming experience, I can literally, now that I’ve been doing the technique for a few weeks, I can literally move round my body, literally releasing tension from my body and changing my body and I’ve started to have control  over it and it’s very calm and very supportive experience."

Tony, Neck Pain and Headache recovery with alexander technique

"Before I came to my first Alexander Technique session I had a lot of problems with neck pain and headaches I couldn’t look effectively over my shoulder. The number of headaches I get has gone down dramatically I can now cross the road without having to swivel from my hips! I still get problems, but less of them and I feel that I’m in control."

Phil, neck pain and shoulder pain recovery with alexander technique

" (I was) stiffer, less physically relaxed, less fluid in my movement. I have a physical awareness that allows me to pick up on physical tension earlier and manage that tension before it becomes acute in terms of for instance neck or shoulders."

Marina - Low Back Pain & Sciatica Recovery with Alexander Technique

"I was in pretty much constant pain from my lumbar region down to my left ankle. (After Alexander Technique lessons) I have no or barely any pain, I'm a different person and it's changed my life. Which sounds a bit cheesy but you don't realise how much pain you're in until you're not in it! And it just gets better."

Michelle - Lower back pain recovery with Alexander Technique

"I've had lower back problems for quite a while now. Everytime I move I feel like my back is going to go. I'm an IT consultant so I'm constantly hunched over a laptop. The lessons are good fun, I've learnt about my body and how everything impacts on my body. If my back feels a bit twingey the best thing to do is stop." 

Sarah - Low Back Pain & Sciatica Recovery with Alexander Technique

"I've tried lots of other therapies so chiropractic treatment, all of which has worked to some degree but the pain was still there ultimately. It's hard to describe the alexander technique, but the benefits seem to happen quite quickly. After a couple of weeks I've noticed quite a big difference. Being able to get out of chairs and the car without taking several paces to straighten myself up. Freedom of movement, being able to do simple things that I haven't been able to do for a couple of years."

Barbara - Stiffness & back pain recovery with Alexander Technique

"I had a lot of back problems, back pain and stiffness around the base of my spine. So Alexander Technique is quite relaxing, but quite hard at times because my muscles don't always agree! I have a job where I need to stand and I'm beginning to find I can stand for longer times without getting back ache or neck ache." 

I found him at a very difficult and painful time in my life – mentally and physically in lots of pain

Ed is an awesome teacher. I found him at a very difficult and painful time in my life – mentally and physically in lots of pain, and he introduced me to a palpable feeling of peace and freedom in my mind and body, that was totally new to me at the time. It allowed the space for a lot of deep healing and was the beginning of creating a whole new deeply nourishing life for myself. I too am an Alexander Technique Teacher now. I have life skills for life that bring about the truest sense of well-being in all aspects of my life.

Sarah Warman  //  Documentary & Film Maker

I’ve been semi supine ever since.

Ed’s instruction is sensitive and astute. His sessions are handled with warmth, and are direct and effective. He opened me to a new way of experiencing physicality, which was naturally applicable to everyday life. He glows with enthusiasm for his subject, and the world of alexander technique. I highly recommend him as a practitioner. I’ve been semi supine ever since.

Josh  //  Artist

The painful areas vanished after the treatment for which we were very grateful.

We were lucky enough to be seen at short notice by Ed Fisher who specialises in the Alexander Technique, exercising gentle realignment. Ed made us feel at ease from the start, explaining the Technique and demonstrating a series of positions to attempt at home. The painful areas vanished after the treatment for which we were very grateful. We would definitely recommend and certainly visit again for further treatment as required.

Janine Marcantonio & Matthew Dawe  //  Credit Controller & Newspaper Account Manager

I have a greater sense of freedom, ease, release and expansion

I saw Ed for close to 40 sessions. As an actor, yoga teacher and massage therapist I am always seeking ways to release and embody my physical potential. The sessions with Ed were revelatory in many ways and led to many releases physically and also energetically. It is a testament to his teaching that some years after the sessions I continue to lie in Alexander position when I wake up and before I go to bed. I have a greater sense of freedom, ease, release and expansion having worked with him and from continuing to lie down and let my body do what it needs to do. I highly recommend the work with Ed to those seeking to embody more of who they are by letting go of the things that they no longer need.

PM  //  Actor, Yoga Teacher & Masseuse

The effect was to increase my awareness of how I carry my body

Ed has a rare gift for healing, and shows great dedication to his work. His therapeutic touch is given with patience and sensitivity, with focused care and attention, allowing time for each individual limb and body part to reintegrate with the whole. The effect on me of his treatment was to increase my awareness of how I carry my body, how it carries me, and to bring me more deeply in touch with myself. Even after the initial treatment I felt a great benefit.

Ranchor Prime  //  Publisher & Illustrator