Interview with Edward

Who will benefit from Technique for Living's lessons, who will they work for?

Those who are affected by back pain,  low back pain, neck pain or shoulder pain will benefit the most from what I teach. Those who have problems with posture and breathing difficulties (like asthma or pregnancy), but are not in great pain will still get a lot of benefit - it's just not as intense if you don't have pain. It's still a good experience though. 

What makes you different from other Alexander Technique Teachers?

Having had severe back pain, sciatica and slipped discs, I know how badly back pain can get in the way of your life. I was misdiagnosed and my injuries went undetected by many doctors, physios, osteopaths and chiropractors. I was also given a lot of treatment where I was "cracked" back into place - so I know the extremes a lot of people go through and experience in this regard. I also teach an innovative style of the Alexander Technique that makes it easier for people to apply in their everyday lives, rather than having to remember lots of games etc. It also makes it easier to apply to sports, hobbies and other activities that you do. 

I am overweight, don't I need to loose the weight first?

No. If you're overweight it's not a big deal and it certainly won't stop you from learning and recovering from your back pain or neck pain. 

What do I need to have to learn from you?

Just turn up in clothing that doesn't restrict your movement. Ladies will need to wear trousers because of table work. Pretty much all clothing is fine apart from very tight trousers.

I would love to learn from you, but I have some questions first - can I contact you?

Yes you can call me on 07775614175 or email me