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Discipline or self practice


Discipline is an odd word for some it has the implication of being strict with yourself. It doesn't have to be that way. It's just about reminding yourself of what you want, in an easy way.

The trouble is we forget to remember. 

We walk into rooms and forget what we went in there for. Using a phone or computer most of the time ends up distracting from the original task. You might say that in order to be successful at body learning you must pay a rather large amount of attention to yourself. To the extent of what most people would publicly say was selfish, but privately agree.

If you bear in mind that left to our own devices, most of us prefer to go on a kind of autopilot, rather than stop and consider our choices. It can seem incredibly rude or that we are hesitating when we stop, but that time is vital for our own sensory feedback and awareness. When people are tired and they throw their keys, phone or wallet down they pay no attention, they don’t stop to take it in and the sensory information is cut off. So when we go to find them they feel lost when they try to think about it. There is a great deal of quiet persistence of discipline that is needed. 

You need to spend time on yourself.

FM Alexander used to spend 1 hour in the morning first thing, everyday working on himself. You can do that too although you will be better off starting with some semisupine to begin with. There's no need to start with a full hour. You shouldn’t view it in a endgaining perspective of just putting x time in and expecting a certain result. Test out 20 mins, see what you get and take it up or down from there.

And you have to give yourself time.

So you can remind yourself when you are struggling, to stop and take your time. You will also help yourself by putting in a set amount of time for yourself at the beginning of the day. But you will have to want it. Without the wish, the will and the want behind your stopping you won’t be as sharp , you won't remember and that simple level of discipline that you can ask of yourself will become a shout, and probably quite a strict shout. And if it gets like that you do want to stop it! 

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Hi, I'm Edward Fisher and I believe that everyone can have a life free from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and many other musculoskeletal pain related conditions. I recovered from slipped discs and sciatica. I spent 10 months being unable to walk. After 3 months of Alexander Technique I was walking again. Now I show others how to overcome their own pain related conditions for themselves.

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