Back pain treatment; be afraid!

Back Pain Treatment: be afraid!


Some people think that going to a chiropractor, osteopath or physio isn’t a scary experience. Some people do. And that’s ok. I can see both sides. Back pain treatment needs trust. When experts let me down I learnt to be afraid.

My first treatment came from a physio recommended by my coach. She told me to call her if I got into more pain. I took her at her word, trusting her. I called between appointments to check I was doing everything right, because I was just getting into more pain. In fact, before I was fully conscious of it I was calling twice a week. Lots of pain. Then one day they just stopped returning my calls! I got the message. Being a rower I wouldn’t give up, but I had to move on. I was in too much pain, I wasn't progressing and resented their lack of communication.

Back pain treatment can go wrong

I also tried a chiropractor that actually did severe damage to my back. They actually were the reason I stopped being able to walk more than 20 metres a day. The harsh cracking movements on my back were terrible and actually left me in worse shape than when I started. I left my 3rd and final appointment in tears and being half carried!

You should be afraid of experts when they use harsh methods for back pain treatment! Is that person prepared to go the whole way with you and get you to recovery? I know I am.

Back pain treatment doesn't have to be harsh

So I set out to find a solution that would get me back walking again and pain free. The funny thing is that it involves NO cracking of bones back into place. NONE AT ALL. Because I’ve had to overcome some fairly extensive injuries (I’ve had more than just the 4 slipped discs, but I don’t want to bore you) I found a solution that provides the opportunity for just about anyone to recover from back pain.

Who can benefit from my back pain treatment

So who are those people that I can’t help? Well there aren’t many people I can’t help but sometimes if the surgery is extremely extensive and there isn’t the ability to think with the body then sometimes I can’t help. I know it almost immediately after I put my hands on. I apologise, give them their money back and offer them what I can. But in the 10 years of teaching I’ve done, I’ve only come across five or six people I’ve had to say that to. Less than 1%. The chances are you can be helped. 

About the Author Edward Fisher

Hi, I'm Edward Fisher and I believe that everyone can have a life free from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and many other musculoskeletal pain related conditions. I recovered from slipped discs and sciatica. I spent 10 months being unable to walk. After 3 months of Alexander Technique I was walking again. Now I show others how to overcome their own pain related conditions for themselves.

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