Alexander Technique Letchworth - Back Pain & Posture

Alexander Technique Letchworth, North Herts

alexander technique letchworth
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Fed up of being in pain and want to get on with living? I can help you. Alexander Technique helps you to lead a healthy pain free life. That’s why I call it a Technique For Living. I’ve been through it myself with a slipped disc and sciatica.
Alexander Technique helps people to recover from back pain, neck pain, sciatica, slipped discs, shoulder pain, RSI, osteoarthritis, as well as many other pain related conditions and injuries. It’s more than likely that your condition can be helped and the quality of life you experience will improve. You can find out more about the Alexander Technique at, but I specialise in helping people who are in pain. You can also see some of my success stories, find out about me or get in contact if you need to. But the ecourse I've created does answer a lot of questions and is there to help you get started now.