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The fun, simple and easy way to get pain free.
Stop your pain by learning how to improve your body use.

Fed up of being in pain and want to get on with living? I can help you. Alexander Technique helps you to lead a healthy pain free life. That’s why I call it a technique for living. I’ve been through it myself with a slipped disc and sciatica.
Alexander Technique helps people to recover from back pain, neck pain, sciatica, slipped discs, shoulder pain, RSI, osteoarthritis, as well as many other pain related conditions and injuries. It’s more than likely that your condition can be helped and the quality of life you experience will improve.

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Gabi, split disc and sciatica

Hayley, Neck Pain, Mid Back Pain and Low Back Pain

Beverly, Neck Pain and Prolapsed Disc

Katie, Low Back Pain and Neck Tension

Eileen, Lower Back Pain

Jennie - Neck, Shoulder and Lower Back Pain

Amanda, Neck Pain and Low Back Pain

Linda, Back Pain and Balance Problems

Claire, Neck and Shoulder Pain

Wendy, Neck Pain and Hypermobility

Nicky, lower back and neck pain

Ganga, Back Pain

Julie - Upper Back & Neck Pain

About Me

I discovered the Alexander Technique to deal with my slipped disc and sciatica. Pulling my hamstring in a training session at my university rowing club, I spent six months battling with the injury and the follow on effects to keep racing.  Now unable to walk, I was taken to expert after expert, with no result. Unknown to me and all but one expert, I had been rowing with slipped discs undiagnosed. After 10 months on my back I was sceptical, but with 3 months of Alexander Technique I was walking again.

Alexander Technique Teacher Training

Finishing university I was introduced to Walter Carrington, whose hands were simply amazing. I enrolled on his three year, full time and STAT approved alexander technique teacher training course; completing over 2200 hours of training. The Teacher Training Course in Alexander Technique was in London, Holland Park. This training course is world renowned and requires dedication in order to achieve the quality required.  Qualifying in December 2007 and teaching at LAMDA and Italia Conti drama schools, I have worked with hundreds of people to help them achieve their goals. Although I do work with all kinds of people I mostly work with those in pain.

It really works, even though I slipped my discs again!

I slipped my disc seven times after I had my initial lessons. Because I was still a very keen sportsman. Each time I put them back in by myself simply using Alexander Technique. The last slip was in 2005 and it has not happened since. From my personal experience, Alexander Technique has powerful and long lasting effects that preventing back, spine and other musculoskeletal related problems. It's a valuable tool for any individual to apply to themselves and I can show you how.

Success Stories: What's it like to work with me?

Karina - Back Problems & Muscle Problems recovery with alexander technique

"I’ve had various back problems over the last 20-25 years mainly muscular and I’ve been to osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, you name it and while they have treated the symptoms, they’ve just kept coming back and the pain moves.

It’s been a completely different experience to doing physio, chiropractors and all of that sort of thing and very much having to me take control....I end up coming out feeling about 10 foot taller! So it’s a very calming experience, I can literally, now that I’ve been doing the technique for a few weeks, I can literally move round my body, literally releasing tension from my body and changing my body and I’ve started to have control  over it and it’s very calm and very supportive experience."

Tony, Neck Pain and Headache recovery with alexander technique

"Before I came to my first Alexander Technique session I had a lot of problems with neck pain and headaches I couldn’t look effectively over my shoulder. The number of headaches I get has gone down dramatically I can now cross the road without having to swivel from my hips! I still get problems, but less of them and I feel that I’m in control."

Phil, neck pain and shoulder pain recovery with alexander technique

"Stiffer, less physically relaxed, less fluid in my movement. I have a physical awareness that allows me to pick up on physical tension earlier and manage that tension before it becomes acute in terms of for instance neck or shoulders."

Marina - Low Back Pain & Sciatica Recovery with Alexander Technique

"I was in pretty much constant pain from my lumbar region down to my left ankle. I have no or barely any pain, I'm a different person and it's changed my life. Which sounds a bit cheesy but you don't realise how much pain you're in until you're not in it! And it just gets better."

Michelle - Lower back pain recovery with Alexander Technique

"I've had lower back problems for quite a while now. Everytime I move I feel like my back is going to go. I'm an IT consultant so I'm constantly hunched over a laptop. The lessons are good fun, I've learnt about my body and how everything impacts on my body. If my back feels a bit twingey the best thing to do is stop." 

Sarah - Low Back Pain & Sciatica Recovery with Alexander Technique

"I've tried lots of other therapies so chiropractic treatment, all of which has worked to some degree but the pain was still there ultimately. It's hard to describe the alexander technique, but the benefits seem to happen quite quickly. After a couple of weeks I've noticed quite a big difference. Being able to get out of chairs and the car without taking several paces to straighten myself up. Freedom of movement, being able to do simple things that I haven't been able to do for a couple of years."

Barbara - Stiffness & back pain recovery with Alexander Technique

"I had a lot of back problems, back pain and stiffness around the base of my spine. So Alexander technique is quite relaxing, but quite hard at times because my muscles don't always agree! I have a job where I need to stand and I'm beginning to find I can stand for longer times without getting back ache or neck ache." 

I found him at a very difficult and painful time in my life – mentally and physically in lots of pain

Ed is an awesome teacher. I found him at a very difficult and painful time in my life – mentally and physically in lots of pain, and he introduced me to a palpable feeling of peace and freedom in my mind and body, that was totally new to me at the time. It allowed the space for a lot of deep healing and was the beginning of creating a whole new deeply nourishing life for myself. I have life skills for life that bring about the truest sense of well-being in all aspects of my life.

Sarah Warman  //  Documentary & Film Maker

I’ve been semi supine ever since.

Ed’s instruction is sensitive and astute. His sessions are handled with warmth, and are direct and effective. He opened me to a new way of experiencing physicality, which was naturally applicable to everyday life. He glows with enthusiasm for his subject, and the world of alexander technique. I highly recommend him as a practitioner. I’ve been semi supine ever since.

Josh  //  Artist

The painful areas vanished after the treatment for which we were very grateful.

We were lucky enough to be seen at short notice by Ed Fisher who specialises in the Alexander Technique, exercising gentle realignment. Ed made us feel at ease from the start, explaining the Technique and demonstrating a series of positions to attempt at home. The painful areas vanished after the treatment for which we were very grateful. We would definitely recommend and certainly visit again for further treatment as required.

Janine Marcantonio & Matthew Dawe  //  Credit Controller & Newspaper Account Manager

I have a greater sense of freedom, ease, release and expansion

I saw Ed for close to 40 sessions. As an actor, yoga teacher and massage therapist I am always seeking ways to release and embody my physical potential. The sessions with Ed were revelatory in many ways and led to many releases physically and also energetically. It is a testament to his teaching that some years after the sessions I continue to lie in Alexander position when I wake up and before I go to bed. I have a greater sense of freedom, ease, release and expansion having worked with him and from continuing to lie down and let my body do what it needs to do. I highly recommend the work with Ed to those seeking to embody more of who they are by letting go of the things that they no longer need.

PM  //  Actor, Yoga Teacher & Masseuse

The effect was to increase my awareness of how I carry my body

Ed has a rare gift for healing, and shows great dedication to his work. His therapeutic touch is given with patience and sensitivity, with focused care and attention, allowing time for each individual limb and body part to reintegrate with the whole. The effect on me of his treatment was to increase my awareness of how I carry my body, how it carries me, and to bring me more deeply in touch with myself. Even after the initial treatment I felt a great benefit.

Ranchor Prime  //  Publisher & Illustrator

Interview With Edward

who will technique for Living's lessons work for?

Most people with back pain, neck pain or one of the many musculoskeletal related pain conditions out there can be helped by my Alexander Technique Lessons. For those who I cannot help, I will refer you on if I know someone who can help your specific condition.

what makes you different to other pain specialists?

Having been through the very painful and confusing experience of having my "back fixed" and expert opinions I can give you a gentle, easy and quick way out of pain. There is no "cracking" your body back into place. I give you control over your body rather than trying to fix you or force you into a fixed position. 

how many lessons will I need?

Honestly? No idea. I've got people who have come for just a few lessons and others have come for years. When you turn up the first time I will give you an idea of what to expect on an individual basis. People do come for more lessons because they find out that after they get pain free there are other benefits to their health and personal development. It all depends on what you want.

i am overweight. can you still help me? can i get out of pain without Losing weight?


i am really unfit and have not exercised for a long time. can you help me?


do i need to wear special clothing? What clothes do i need to wear?

Comfortable clothes are best. Nothing that restricts your movement like tight or skinny jeans. Ladies will be more comfortable in trousers because of the table work.

i have tried alexander technique before and it wasn't enjoyable. why should i try again?

I'm a very different Alexander Technique Teacher. The lessons are enjoyable, fun and easy. My approach is always to fit the teaching around the student, like a bespoke suit rather than trying to put you into the nearest fit. It's the only method I teach and you will find it different from anything else you've tried. 

is it like pilates, yoga, Meditation or tai chi?

No. has more on this.

where are you loacated?

85 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 4TQ

why's it free? what's the catch?

Good question! There is no catch, but here's why it's free...
I also have more advanced packages which I talk about at the free taster, and you may choose to start one, or you may not. No obligation, and no problem at all either way. There's no hard sell here, and even if you just come along for the free taster, soak up all the information you can, and then leave and apply it to your life, that's great too!