Alexander Technique Letchworth - Back Pain & Posture

Learn how to stop back pain & poor posture with Alexander Technique

Are you struggling with back pain, neck pain, sciatica or a slipped disc?

Maybe you’ve got hip pain or been told you’ve got really poor posture or poor ‘core stability’?

Have you seen physio, osteos, doctors and chiropractors, but are still in pain?

Are you fed up, frustrated or feeling like you’re stuck and resigned to living with you pain? Perhaps you’re even feeling disillusioned with conventional treatments and have run out of options.

I understand, and I’ve been there.

I’m Edward, and I’m an Alexander Technique teacher, based in Letchworth. 

If you’re not heard of the Alexander Technique, don’t worry. All you need to know is it’s a learned movement skill that has helped many people and it could help you too.

 I work with people like yourself, one to one, to teach them through a series of sessions, to learn how to overcome pain by undoing bad habits. These may be postural habits and using excessive tension to do simple, everyday movements. My clients tell me that they know the way they are moving, standing or sitting is wrong, but until they come to see me, they don’t know how to change it.

What is the Alexander Technique? 

The best way to think about it is learning a process that enables you to do a movement that you do regularly in your life, without tension, in a way that is efficient for your body, so that you stop hurting. 

Everyone moves differently, so, unlike in physio or pilates or yoga, when often a one-size-fits-all method of moving is prescribed for most people, with the Alexander Technique, we believe it should be very individual. 

For example, I may have two clients who both have lower back pain, but they will both coordinate their muscles differently, so that they create tension that becomes their ‘normal’ in very different ways. Their lessons will be tailored to their individual needs.

I’ve helped hundreds of people who, like you, have been in pain.  They’ve been able become pain free and have learned the controls to maintain it. 

The kinds of people I teach vary, but I particularly like to help people who are active, but are held back by their pain. They may be runners, golfers, hikers, and people who are active with their children and or who want to remain active in their retirement.

People who I work with initially come to see me because of pain, but they then naturally find that they develop a greater understanding of their bodies and themselves. This means that they function better as individuals, perform better at their sports, and have learned the skill of pausing, relaxing and more become mindful and self-aware. Many of my clients tell me they feel less anxious, calmer, lighter and more in control. You can too.

The Alexander Technique teaches you how to sense tension as it accrues in your body and gives the skills to undo the habit. 

Learn more about how my teaching has helped others- read their stories,

If you’d like to have a chat with me about whether you think you could be helped by our working together, get in touch 07775614175.

Initial Consultation £45.75 1 hour.

Follow up lessons:

4 x 1 hour lessons £183.00

4 x 30 min lessons £120.00


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